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Pavers are today’s “in” choice for patios, walkways, driveways and other landscaping uses! While that hasn’t always been the case, contemporary landscapes have become a showcase of manufactured paving stones valued both for their low cost and long term durability.

Pavers originated in Europe after World War II when an affordable unit paver was needed to rebuild streets that would hold up far longer than poured concrete or asphalt. Today they’re favored first for the wide array of attractive designer options and patterns available but paver’s durability is a definite plus you’ll appreciate as they’ll likely outlast your home or business!

While brick pavers are traditional and well established, they’re rapidly falling out of favor. These clay based products are not as easy or inexpensive to manufacture. While Urban Earth Landscaping can install brick pavers, the majority of the products we recommend are primarily concrete based.

One beauty of precast paving stones is that they can stand alone on a sand or gravel base without mortar making them much less labor intensive to install. They are small enough to be moved and set by hand by Urban Earth Landscaping’s experienced crews with only minimal special equipment required. These factors contribute to pavers relatively low cost. Their durability makes them a low maintenance cost item as well.

Some designs are ideal for permeable paving if you have a zero runoff requirement. Ask us for details.

In your home environment, precast paving stones can be taken up to make subgrade repairs to plumbing or irrigation systems, then replaced without the added cost of new paving materials. Solid paving as you might imagine, becomes a nightmare when repairs are required. This makes pavers a much more affordable and sustainable choice for your outdoor environment.

A World of Choices

Precast paving stones caught on in landscaping application over the last few decades due to affordability and versatility. The majority of these fall into one or more categories:

  • Interlocking Pavers: These manufactured paving stones can be obtained in a wide range of shapes and colors coordinated to produce a paving pattern once installed. Such patterns are so visually appealing they may be preferred even over more expensive stone and tile.
  • Precast Unit Pavers: Ordinary precast pavers produce a surface with crisp, uniformly shaped units such as squares or brick-like rectangles and are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Tumbled Precast Unit Pavers: Precast unit pavers are “tumbled” with abrasives at the factory to produce a more natural looking surface. Tumbled pavers can suggest a more aged appearance that more accurately mimics the look of hewn stone. Tumbled pavers also offer a softer edge that may prove safer in high activity areas such as swimming pool decks and adjacent to sports courts.
  • Open Cell Pavers: These are specially made unit pavers designed to allow water to drain through openings in the paver itself, or through those set into the edges that result in increased flow through the joints. While originally designed to increase permeability in parking lots, they are equally valuable and favored for zero runoff home and commercial applications.
  • Turf Pavers: Though less popular, Urban Earth Landscaping can provide pavers that allow grass or other ground cover to protrude through the pavers. Turf pavers are often cast in a lattice texture that provides openings large enough for turf to grow throughout.
  • Stone Pavers: These are remnants of pre-war pavements created out of rough hewn stone squares that once replaced cobblestones. While approximately the same size as precast concrete units, they are more expensive due to the labor required to render stone into identical units. We suggest looking at our wide array of precast pavers before considering this natural stone alternative.

Urban Earth Landscaping can design and install patios, drives and walkways utilizing any of the above. We primarily recommend Belgard pavers and are an authorized installer for their products.

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