Urban Earth Landscaping Irrigation Systems!

In Albuquerque and New Mexico’s arid, high-desert climate; an expertly engineered irrigation system is a must! At Urban Earth Landscaping, we build all kinds including:

  • In-ground
  • Overhead
  • Drip
  • and more

Designing a system to provide the needed water and control systems to effectively furnish controlled irrigation to every plant, tree, shrub, garden and blade of grass offers infinite design options. Our experts can integrate the necessary plumbing and components to minimize this cost. We’ve often been able to demonstrate savings of 50% or more over poorly planned competitive designs.

Your biggest long-term irrigation cost is not the system but the water it uses. Let Urban Earth Landscaping show you how the heads, nozzles, plumbing, control systems and other components we provide will furnish you with both years of trouble-free automated watering and savings of up to 40% on your water bill!

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