Urban Earth Landscaping In-Ground Trampolines!

An in-ground trampoline brings new meaning to the term “fun” … and it’s true … from youngster to senior citizens; you will not be able to get them out of the yard!

Urban Earth Landscaping an install a variety of highly-rated in-ground trampolines that are both solidly built and designed to look good in your backyard. It’s true that an in-ground installation will hide this normally unattractive piece of equipment. Our trampolines are built to last and available in serveral color choices to contrast or compliment your backyard!

Designing and constructing the in-ground trampoline you require is, however, serious business. It needs to be:

  • Designed with the surrounding landscape in mind.
  • Built to assure correct drainage.
  • Sturdily installed (so the surrounding earth doesn’t erode into the jump pit).
  • Built with safety as the primary goal!

Urban Earth Landscaping builds in-ground trampolines correctly!

Consider the advantages of an in-ground versus conventional trampoline:

  • An unobtrusive element to your backyard design.
  • A permanent, all-season installation.
  • Much simpler mounting and dismounting.
  • Years and years of inexpensive fun!
  • Enhanced safety.

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