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Despite our summer dessert-like high temperatures, Albuquerque’s altitude creates large night-time temperature swings from “cool” to even “cold”. This means our outdoor entertaining and relaxation season is actually shorter than many less temperate climates. Would you like to extend your personal “summer season”?

A custom-built outdoor fireplace or firepit might be just what you’re looking for! Besides the obvious added warmth, nothing will add more to your general ambiance than flickering flames brightening the surrounding darkness. Urban Earth Landscaping can design and build a hassle-free natural gas fired structure, or, if you prefer, a wood-burning fireplace or firepit adding the extra charm of a crackling and aromatic piñon or oak blaze! We specialize in creating combination water feature/firepits for a dramatic “fire and water” effect!

Whatever your motivation, you’ll fine an outdoor fireplace or firepit to be a great addition to your outdoor living spaces or landscaping. Urban Earth Landscaping designs and builds each fireplace or firepit customized to your specifications and requirements. Not sure what you need? They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs; let us show you options!

We’re Your Go-To Resource For Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits!

We can incorporate an outdoor fireplace or firepit into a larger patio or outdoor living space design or keep it simple as a standalone project.

Firepits are typically less expensive, offer a more casual look, provide 360 degree surrounding seating and can easily be incorporated into your existing landscape or installed as part of a project. Alternatively, fireplaces offer a more formal or grand look, and fit in well in larger outdoor living spaces. Be assured that Urban Earth Landscaping can create a fireplace design suitable for casual settings.

Both fireplaces and firepits are excellent for roasting marshmallows and weenies or for just sitting around a warm fire on a cool Albuquerque spring or fall night. If you’re really looking to expand your outdoor living space, we also create custom outdoor kitchens, grill centers or even pizza ovens will further can enhance your outdoor living environment.

Let Urban Earth Landscaping advise you on an outdoor fireplace or firepit which can be easily added to your existing landscape or incorporated in a new design.

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